BT Test

1 million views on my YouTube

One thing that allot of people don't know about me is that.... I'm famous. At least 1 million people have seen my work. That's over 11 football stadiums full of people who have dedicated attention to me. I find it mind boggling that with today's technology anybody can achieve that level of fame without professional support, planning or financing.

When I was a younger lad I had a strong interest in making videos. I had a huge fascination with YouTube. I was practically raised by YouTube. To this day, the first thing I do when I land on my computer is open YouTube and start playing music.

Eventually I gathered the courage to start making my own videos. I tried to be funny, I tried to be educational and for the most part, nothing ever happen. It wasn't until after about a year that I had reached 100 measly subscribers. Reaching 100 subscriber took 20 difficult productions and it was allot of fun. By that point however I had lost hope of ever reaching any fame. It was purely for entertainment and I was OK with that.

One day however I uploaded this video.

And it completely exploded. Today it has over 700,000 Views! A viral video of a baby covered in lights linked to my video tutorial. Because of that, traffic from the viral video poured into my tutorial.

One day a pair of DJs approached me and asked to build two light suits. I said "hell yes" and they were crazy enough to trust a 16 year old with a $1,000 project. Many restless days of soldering and sewing later I had created this beauty.

Before I knew it people from all over the world where asking me to build light suits for them. After a few months I had a profitable business that was doing sales from Australia to New Zealand.

Video of those two DJs rocking it with my hand made suits.

Today with my two YouTube channels Kitver and LuminatedWear I have over 1,000,000 views. Pretty crazy considering that I was just making it up as I went along.