MUNIMOD - IBM + Centralite + Jilia IOT (Part 4)

The time has come. Having now worked on this project for about a year, I was very excited to present our work at MuniMod. The coolest hackathon I had ever been to by far, just check out the recap video
(I make an appearance at 0:40 for a split second)


We had made some incredible progress on the project by creating a responsive D3 website which interacted with out IOT devices. We built a real time demo involving all of the water sensors. Watch the demo with this video below. The credit for this really belongs with Haiman Tian & Samira Pouyanfar, my genuis team mates!

I flew from LAX->MCO immediately after my first day of orientation in California to find that my team mates had arrived and were having a great time. We made some finishing touches with our demo and deck and anxiously waited for our turn to present.

Below is our deck.

I lead the presentation and must say that I was very proud of the way the pitch went. Our demo worked flawlessly, I didn't freeze or stutter, and felt I had enthusiastically presented the idea. I've come a long way in this public speaking area...

All in all we didn't take home first place, the first place winner was a lad who created a mesh network light bulb, a very clever idea indeed.

On the bright side.... We took home first place for best post-it logo and all won Keurig Coffee machines. Now, it's a shame I don't drink coffee! :)

Special thanks to Florida League of Cities and John Dailey for putting together this awesome competition. You guys rock!