Global Fashion Battle 2016: My adventures in Poland

Massive plane
Flights were booked, classes were skipped and I was giddy to make my way to Poland. It was a grueling flight which involved a delayed connection and countless hours of airport boredom. My first time flying solo. I went camera crazy and took hundreds of photos. This will be a picture intense post.

This is a follow up to Startup Weekend Miami : My Google sponsored international competition .

Arriving in PoznaƄ, Poland it was shocking to see the architecture and history.
Inspiring architecture

The event was held at a massive mall called Stary Browar. This mall makes American malls look tacky. Stary Browar is jam packed with beautiful art and architecture. It feels more like a museum than a mall. Photography was prohibited but that didn't stop me...

Space which would be converted to presentation floor


Exterior view
Teams were present from select cites of New York City, London, Miami, Santa Cruz, and Chicago.These would be our competitors on the final day. The combined lot was an awesome group of talented people and I made great friends.

Global Fashion Battle organized multiple daily presentations for each team to attend. At these presentations we would learn about different business solutions. Because of multiple daily presentations, we weren't given much time to work on our projects. This became a source of conflict as many teams (including ourselves) had to skip certain presentations.

While my team mates prepared the presentation, I got busy designing a lighted demo of where the sensors would be placed. I soldered LED strips to wire and controlled them with a wireless remote. This would demonstrate the location of sensors for the mvp.

All that remained was to present. The event was beautiful and featured artistic exhibits and live music.

Natalie, pictured below presented on behalf of the team.

Presentation day, I'm the suit on stage back

Unfortunately we did not win. The prize was divided against New York City and London and I think they earned it. Their presentation was flawless and beautiful. I was very happy for them. 

After the presentations the night had only begun. There were four after parties... I will not be posting those pictures. Global Fashion Battle knows how to party!

All in all I am incredibly grateful for the experience. I thank every volunteer and sponsor who played a role in this competition because It was definitely an unforgettable experience.