IBM + Centralite + Jilia IOT (Part 2)

I'm getting better at this Node-red stuff.

In the last few days I've had a breakthrough with the program and felt an updated post was necessary. I want to say that I'm 70% complete.

The refined idea
A dashboard website which monitors home security with a Defcon style score. Combining News, Social Media and Centralite senors to gauge the level of danger present in a home.

This service will harness two AI services to digest all information possible. Imagine being alerted autonomously when national dangers arise.

I have created two real time indexes of both News and Social Media. These two agents represent the first two inputs to the program. The last input to the program is local sensor data.

Input 1 = Index #1 Fear Sentiment (Twitter)
This service will feed all public tweets through the Alchemy Feature Extract service to determine a doc-emotion score of the message. Fearful messages are scored higher. At the moment I am limited to 400 calls per day.

Input 2 = Index #2 News Sentiment

This feature will search for headlines in recent news articles and output the results. This also needs a feature extract node in order to be useful.

Input 3 = Sensor Jilia Data

This uses websockets in order to pull the status of all of my sensors. Top one is a water sensor, middle is a door sensor and the bottom one is a motion sensor.

In order to visualize the outputs I have been utilizing the Google sheets API with this flow. This required Oauth 2.0 verification which I accessed with the Google developers OAuth2.0 playground. I also experimented with the Google Blogger API and was able to update my site remotely !

The great thing about this is that once the data is built into a chart, whenever the data is updated and the page is refreshed the chart will also update automatically.

I haven't figured out how to send the JSON output into this flow so I'm going to try downloading the freeboard node instead. This would be the best setup because freeboard will update real time. I would love to host the dashboard here however It is difficult to add javascript to this Google blogger website. I will decide what to do in the upcoming days.